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Amplify Your Life – eBook – 2017

This eBook is a mini-program that is designed to Amplify Your Life in short order. People often talk about how change takes time, but we’ve found life can change rapidly when you change your mindset. We’ve made this eBook to be applicable to all members of the Inspired Vibes Tribe – no matter where you are in your journey. Simple. Fun. Effective.

Our Fav Superfoods – PDF – 2017

We love superfoods! Although the term is being used extensively to sell products, the fact of the matter is that there are foods that the planet has gifted us in order to allow healing and nourishment. As nutrition lovers, we’ve played around with food for years and this PDF details our absolute favourite superfoods.

Daily Gratitude Journal – eBook – 2017

Living Gratitude As Our Attitude is an integral part of the Inspired Vibes Tribe. We believe in – and have had great success with –  a daily gratitude journal. We believe in keeping in simple and short, so we can actually get it done each day. This journal is the exact version of what Spence and Jenna use. A gratitude practice is so key to a bliss-filled life.

5 Steps to Effective Grounding – PDF – 2017

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a scientifically proven method for improving health and mental clarity. For many, it starts with simply removing one’s footwear and walking in nature. Within this PDF, we layout 5 simple ways to take your grounding practice to new heights. Benefits include a calmer mind, deeper connection with the earth and a renewed positive outlook on life.