A Taste of Our Adventure

Let’s be REAL. We are human AF just like you … and we are all for actionable, daily personal growth, unleashing your unique gifts, and doing big, transformative, FREAKING AMAZING things in this lifetime! You know that feeling like you are so scared you may pee your pants? We are here to support you while you do IT –  even if it means you have slightly wet pants!

We are all uniquely awesome. Yes … even you! Let’s make the journey a little more FUN and a little less overwhelming, yah?

EVERYTHING is connected. Our thoughts, belief patterns, our soul, spirituality, our physical being … and we work on it all. Our approach is to address the many areas that make Y-O-U and dig deep to assist you in your journey to becoming more connected with yourself and finding balance within your life.

We believe that every human deserves to live their life with BLISS, JOY and EASE.

We believe that there are limitless possibilities for EVERY single person on this planet.

We believe that by being conscious and in alignment with our souls that MAGIC can happen!

Have you been feeling like you desire MORE? Because we are so glad you are here and can’t wait to create magic with you!

Namaste, All Our Relations & Cheers

Spence & Jenna

Our Story


. . .

A taste of my adventure...

Hey, I’m Spence! From contemplating my existence at age 10 to desperate metal-head to boozed up rocker to spirit animal explorer, I’ve had a bit (a lot) of crazy so far! Throughout my trials and successes, I’ve come to perceive life as an adventure. The moment I had this awareness, my life became vastly lighter and I began attracting more and expanding my consciousness. I was making life way too hard by filling my mind with story creation, limitations and negativity – can you relate?

. . .

Can't Get No Satisfaction

From childhood, I’ve never truly been satisfied: I have always been looking for “something” to “find” to make everything click. It consumed a lot of my energy and ultimately fueled my desire for consumption and quick satisfaction. Out of this, I built a mountain of issues around body image, unachievable goals and living for someone else! Plus a lot of judgment of myself and others.

The Result? A lot of really f****d up beliefs about who I was and what I was capable of achieving.

. . .

Teen Years

My teen years lead me to a lot of anger; it was channeled into a far amount of (unnecessary) self-loathing. At one point, things got very dark – enough to scare myself into action to continue searching for “it.” The one thing to make me happy. Insert lots of partying, failed relationships, way too many “don’t give a s**t” one night stands. Most notably, during this time, I squashed my love of nature, hiking and mountains and forgot my roots. Translation? Further anger and although I didn’t know it at the time, situational depression.

. . .

Solo Time

Slowly, a shift began to occur. It started with hot yoga, which in turn led me back to the mountains. I started hiking, climbing and putting myself into harder, more dangerous, tougher situations. My adventures culminated with me reevaluating my purpose in life during a transformation 4-month solo road-trip around the USA and a 3-month solo adventure in Patagonia, where I almost perished three times!

. . .

Nature Speak

It was during this adventure that I began practicing cold exposure in water extensively and beginning to take my Animal and Nature Speak practice seriously. I began working with clients showing them how to discover their spirit animals and apply new perspectives to nature that they could take back into their everyday lives. A whole new world began unlocking, my energy was flowing with ease and things were going so well … until they weren’t.

. . .


My tendency to rush took over again and I came back to North America depleted from physical exhaustion. Thankfully, my mental and spiritual state were expanding and I became aware of the concept of stillness. As a product of the “hyper generation”, I was so far away from stillness and grounding that I had to cultivate a stillness practice. I began applying it to my businesses, development and outdoor experience. I began living the Law of Attraction …


Hey There!

I am Jenna! I never have quite fit a “label”. I guess you could say I am a universal lover, transformation enthusiast, conscious being …gypsy and entrepreneur (#bossbabe). I am on a mission to inspire people to L-O-V-E themselves fully, tap into their greatness that already exists within them and create a badass life of bliss, joy and ease!

. . .

I’ve always been different

My norm from childhood until recently revolved around a common theme: FEAR. Scared of being abducted. Uncomfortable with change. Terrified of failing. I opted out of playing team sports and wouldn’t play my guitar for anyone even though it made me feel more alive than anything else at the time.

Common denominator? Self-worth = low and I was convinced by my own story of being a victim.

As I got into my teen years I became more awkward. I was bullied by others to the point of switching school’s multiple times and my fear took control even more. Of course, I desired nothing more than to fit in as a teenager and yearned to know what it felt like to have deep friendships. Eventually, my lack of self-worth spiraled to depression, anxiety and an unhealthy obsession with my body image which led to a variety of eating disorders.

. . .

Lost & Unfulfilled

I didn’t my know my WHY or what I was passionate about; I became consumed by an unhealthy and abusive relationship that made me feel I had purpose. I did what I thought I was “supposed to” and headed to post-secondary, went into debt and got a corporate job. In the process, I became overweight, exhausted and even more lost. I thought that by buying more THINGS that I would feel more fulfilled and happy. (NOPE).

. . .

A switch was flipped!

Mentally drained from my relationships, work and lack of passion in my life, I was unhappy mentally and spiritually which was showing in my physical self. I couldn’t pull my favorite pants on, let alone do them up. I balled up on the floor and had a long cry and made the decision in that moment it was time for CHANGE. Literally, I was at a crossroads and I was sick of doing what I should which did not feel good for my soul. I was done living by my own bullshit stories and the limitations I had created.

. . .

The Shift

I surrendered. I started eating better and educating myself on health and wellness. I began to challenge my comfort zone and meet new people that were like-minded. My body became my temple, which I took the time to move and treat better than ever. I became a sponge when it came to absorbing anything personal growth related and awakened new curiosities I didn’t know I could even have! I allowed myself to let go of toxic food, people, habits and thoughts and day by day felt stronger in all aspects. Feeling strong in my body put me in control for the first time and it lit a fire inside my soul that got me thinking about new possibilities for my life. It became time to show others that they also have the power to CHANGE. I took action and so can you!

. . .
. . .


My Evolution

As I continue to increase the bliss, joy and ease within my life, I’ve noticed that my awareness around what I desire, what I can create and my purpose has become much clearer. I wouldn’t trade my journey so far for anything. Ultimately, Jenna and I plan to help any and all people who are attracted to us: we truly believe that our stories have led us to this perfectly imperfect moment and the possibilities are endless!

. . .

Join us!

One of the most important awarenesses one can have is that taking action right now, in this moment, is what will lead to endless possibilities within your life. Putting off growing yourself spiritually, mentally and physically is not only detrimental to your current life, but it also affects those around you: the people you could be helping. Helping, contributing and receiving from fellow humans, animals and nature will alter your life into awesomeness – let’s get there together!


Big Changes!

For big magic to occur it doesn’t have to happen overnight. It’s the little things that add up to create MASSIVE shifts! My transformation began with myself – for when you feel good you desire to share with others.

I fell in love with the network marketing industry (when it’s done right) and began building a business with Spencer to help others improve their health and wealth. From there I was led to also pursue my passion for fitness and quit my corporate job (big pee my pants moment). I became a certified personal trainer and expanded my energy healing services by obtaining my Reiki & Bars designations. This has allowed me to help people tap into their truth and feel their best physically, mentally and spiritually.

. . .

Current Adventure

I realize now that our strongest muscle is our intuition. So, when it flexes, I pay attention. We had the awareness that we desired a full-time adventure while focusing on our mission to assist people to improve their lives. And so, we are! We sold most of our material possessions, adopted a rescue pup and now spend more time outside, in the mountains, than we ever dreamed possible! We are so excited to be basing ourselves within the stunning province of British Columbia, as we further our businesses and vision around the globe!