“Mountain Obsession: Think Outside. No Box Needed.®”

Greetings Global Mountain Tribe Member!

I am happy to announce that Mountain Obsession®, home of the Global Mountain Tribe, has been brought under the Inspired Vibes Tribe. Focusing on our revamped mission – to inspire unique outdoor perspectives – we’ve decided to build upon the success of our website and community.

For the time being, our podcast, Feed Your Mountain Obsession, will be the main output for us – please click below and subscribe. Additionally, our past success with the Mountain Obsession® apparel line has inspired us to look to the future, which will be full of awesome products! Stay tuned to the Inspired Vibes newsletter (subscribe below) for the latest updates.

Think Outside. No Box Needed.®


Spencer Raymond Madden
Founder – Mountain Obsession

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We are always looking for exciting and intriguing members of the Global Mountain Tribe / Inspired Vibes Tribe to invite onto the podcast! If you or someone you know is doing something AMAZING with their life, and you believe their story is worth sharing, please email us at spencer@mountainobsession.com