Workshops, Online Classes, Retreats & More!

We are thrilled to be in the process of creating brand new webinars, workshops and our clothing brand! The success of the Inspired Vibes lifestyle has been fantastic and for that, we are eternally grateful.

On the page below, you will find our latest retreats, online classes, programs and more! Currently, we have opened up a limited number of spots for our Fall into Fitness Training Program – designed to get all Inspired Vibes Tribe members inspired this Autumn!

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Namaste, All Our Relations & Cheers!

Spence & Jenna

COMPLETE: Fall into Fitness

We would like to thank all of our kickass team members who absolutely crushed Fall into Fitness! It was an amazing blitz of health, nutrition, yoga, mountain obsession time and personal growth. We invite you to join our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay updated on future challenges and our latest workshops.

Challenge Details: Get the physical results you are desiring while improving your mental and spiritual health and have FUN doing it! (Yes, exercise can be fun)!

Learn how you can not only get achievable results, but maintainable ones too!

We are excited to be expanding our online coaching services and will be accepting a limited number of new clients this autumn with the launch of our new monthly fitness program! We’ve designed this as an affordable way to empower our tribe members to reach their goals and be fully supported while doing so.

Program Includes:

New Weekly Work-Outs (For Home and Gym)

Yoga & Stretching Program to improve mobility, posture and flexibility

Customized to individual fitness goals and levels

Supportive & Interactive Community with amazing free challenges

Bonus content, specials and coaching to help you on your journey of personal development, so you can be feeling amazing: Spiritually, Mentally and Physically

Connect to inquire for more information and to secure your spot today!