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We strive to be anything, but normal. In fact, we describe our tribe in two words: uniquely awesome. The amazing thing about being human is that every single one of us has talents and gifts that are waiting to be unlocked, explored and shared with the world. With the Inspired Vibes Tribe, we are crushing self-doubt and amplifying the mind-body-soul connection! Are you in?!


  • Living each day with bliss, joy & ease
  • Viewing life as an adventure
  • Fueling with premium nutrition
  • Exploring what our bodies are capable of
  • Gratitude is our attitude

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Our Story

There is so much more than the physical

Everything is connected: our minds, our soul and our physical bodies. EVERYTHING! Our approach with the Inspired Vibes Tribe, our clients and our own personal development is to address the many areas that make up one’s health and endeavour to find balance, make progress and feel amazing while doing it!

Some of the modalities we utilize include energy healing, nutritional mentoring, personal fitness training, yoga, spirit animal guidance and nature programs & therapies.

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We offer private mentoring, both online and in person where we work together to successfully challenge your life imbalances. We also offer a variety of personal growth events – stay tuned to our newsletter for upcoming classes and retreats!

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We are excited about the recent launch of the Inspired Vibes Podcast. This is where we inspire YOU to raise your personal vibration, cut through your own BS and unapologetically live the life your soul truly desires. Full of tools, tips and tactics to make your dreams into your reality. Subscribe now!

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Fall into Fitness This September

Get the physical results you are desiring while improving your mental and spiritual health and have FUN doing it! (Yes, exercise can be fun)!

Learn how you can not only get achievable results, but maintainable ones too!

We are excited to be expanding our online coaching services and will be accepting a limited number of new clients this autumn with the launch of our new monthly fitness program! We’ve designed this as an affordable way to empower our tribe members to reach their goals and be fully supported while doing so.

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